We are those who suffer because the wealthy own everything. ♦ 

We represent the world's fastest-growing ethnic group, the homeless, the only group that gets NO protection from discrimination in employment, housing, education, or hate-crimes.

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This is NOT the government propaganda website "Homeless News San Diego" on Facebook.  This is "San Diego Homeless News".

 This header is on each and every page, so it does not look like the page changed, when you click on a new one.  You need to SCROLL DOWN after clicking on any selection!  Hint:  Use Internet Explorer, and 125% to 150% Browser Magnification for best site results.  If you can do better than operating a Search Engine website, small university, food pantry, soup kitchen, 2 newspapers, political party, 3.2 million e-mails a year, write news articles, and provide psychological counseling, all on $40 a month, then you are better than me.  Most Rev. Dr. John Kitchin, NZ9F, Ph.D.



New to San Diego? You will need 2 identification cards, one from the Jewish-Protestant Mafia at 299 Seventeenth St., and the other from the Catholic-Mormon Mafia at 15th & Imperial.  Click for more info.  Caution that these places are both in Machine Gun Alley, the core of The Bottoms Ghetto Also read our Orientation Newsletter,  Homeless City News http://nz9f.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/StreetAprMay2015.98135954.pdf  • 

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March 15 Special Edition of the San Diego Homeless News is at http://nz9f.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/SDHNspecialMar15.73104108.pdf. View our 2 newspapers BEFORE they are published at NZ9F.com/SDHNpreview.  Best Of SD Homeless News on PDFOther PDF Links on Shelters, WIC, Baby Nutrition, Senior Food Pantries, other news editions,  and way more are at   NZ9F.com/PDF

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Show Your Homeless Pride!


Just say NO to overpriced MOB real estate! 

Should people work hard their whole lives just to pay for one item, their rent or home? 

 San Diego County has 3.8 times the homeless by percentage of population than anywhere else in the world, 11%, or 330,000 of 3.1 million.  San Diego City has 16% homeless, 210,000 of 1.3 million residents.  New York and Los Angeles only have 2.5% homeless, by comparison.

More users than the government-funded 211 site, & not at taxpayer expense. (See Blog.)  We San Diego Homeless operate this Search Engine Website, plus a University, publish 2 newspapers, and provide counseling for homeless done by professionals who are homelessHomeless are angry, because we worked hard all our lives and have no fault whatsoever in our being homeless.  This homeless-owned website helps escape the lies told by the Mafia (Bar), and the government, news media, nonprofits, and religions it controls.   Homeless university Course at NZ9F.com/303 Read about essential knowledge YOU need to survive:  (Package A)  (Package B)  

Dr. John Kitchin, Ph.D., NZ9F
Poverty Resources & Education
for San Diego Area - More In Blog
United States

ph: 619-390-5000

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Dr. John Kitchin, Ph.D., NZ9F
Poverty Resources & Education
for San Diego Area - More In Blog
United States

ph: 619-390-5000